A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Your Restaurant With Coupons

When you think of restaurant marketing, coupons might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but if used thoughtfully, coupons and special offers can be a great marketing strategy to help promote your restaurant. Here’s what you need to know about coupon marketing.

When Should You Use Coupon Marketing?

Coupons can help restaurants of all types and sizes during any time of the year. That said, they tend to be most helpful during slow seasons when people might be less inclined to visit on their own.

Important Coupon Considerations

Above all, you’ll want to be sure your restaurant is prepared to deal with the loss of profits that come along with discounted meals, as well as the extra business that will be headed your way. If you’d like to prevent your busiest nights from becoming even busier, you might consider making the coupons valid for weekdays only, or even a specific day of the week. For even more control, you can choose to make only certain dishes valid with the coupon. You might also consider limiting the number of coupons available, so your profits don’t take too big a hit in any given month.

Coupon Ideas for Restaurants

It’s incredibly important that your coupon campaign align with your large-scale restaurant marketing budget and goals. Depending on which audience your coupon campaign is targeting, you’ll want to consider different strategies.

Targeting New Business

Want to get some diners in the door? Try partnering with third-party discount programs like Groupon, Restaurants.com, or Yelp to get new customers to try out your restaurant. If you use a third-party delivery service to deliver food, you might be able to apply a “first-time order” coupon for anyone who orders food from your restaurant for the first time.

Rewarding Repeat Customers

Want to focus on building brand loyalty? Try rewarding repeat customers with coupon offers. Whether you decide to hand out coupons with bills over $50, send e-mail coupons to customers on your mailing list, or offer special birthday discounts, you’ll make your customers feel appreciated so that they’ll want to keep coming back for more.

Leverage Social Media

Having a social media presence can have a lasting impact on your profits and popularity, and you can even use your accounts to leverage coupons and promotions. Try offering a discount for anyone who “follows” your account or anyone who posts a photo of your food with a branded hashtag.

Successful Coupon Campaigns

Want to engineer successful coupon campaigns? Make sure your strategy aligns with your marketing goals, be sure to consider the campaign’s realities, and be prepared for all outcomes. You might even want to hire a professional like McDonald Wholesale to help craft the perfect campaign.

Whether you’re looking for a full menu overhaul or would like to discuss potential restaurant marketing strategies, contact us today. Our dedicated staff has years of experience helping restaurants throughout Oregon promote their business through custom solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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