Not Offering Delivery? Here are 3 Food Delivery Statistics That Might Change Your Mind

restaurant delivery

For many years, delivery has been synonymous with pizza. That’s not the case anymore. With the increase in demand over the last 10 years for more delievery options, restaurants around the country have been entering the delivery market at an incredible rate. Third-party food delivery services like GrubHub, Postmates, and Uber Eats, have made it easier than ever for restaurants to give it a try.

Still not convinced? Check out these mind-blowing statistics on food delivery.

1. 74% of Millenials report a preference for delivery service.

A recent poll by the National Restaurant Association found that nearly three quarters of Millienials would prefer to order delivery from a restaurant if it were available.

2. Pizza accounts for only 60% of the current delivery market.

According to Morgan Stanley, pizza orders currently make up only 60% of online delivery orders and that share of the market is declining. Asian food, Sandwiches, Italian food, Hamburgers, and Mexican food have all had significant growth in the food delivery market in both urban and suburban regions in the last decade.

3. The U.S. food delivery market is expected to grow as much as 600% by 2020.

Industry experts forecast a potential 600% growth in the food delivery market which already represents $30 billion in revenue per year, $11 billion of which is ordered online.

The truth is that consumers are looking for convenience and are willing to pay a premium for it. Partnering with a third-party food delivery service means sharing a cut of the profits, but it also means targeted marketing for your restaurant in their app and easy online ordering for your customers. Don’t wait to get in on this profitable opportunity.

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