5 Things Every Restaurant Yelp Profile Must Have

Portland locals and visitors rely on Yelp to help them choose their next place to eat out. In 2017, a local consumer review survey found that 97% of consumers read online reviews of local businesses and 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

An optimized Yelp profile can make your restaurant stand out from the competition, and with thousands of restaurants in town, that’s important.

Here are the five must-haves for any restaurant Yelp profile:

  1. A Claimed Business Listing
    If you haven’t done this already, visit Yelp now and claim your listing. You will be asked to set up a login and password so that you can access your page from anywhere to respond to reviews, add pictures, and update information.
  2. Up-to-date Information
    Double check that the name, physical address, website, phone number, and hours of operation are accurate. This will make sure that you are showing up in the search results when you are actually open and that people can find your restaurant.Your address should be listed exactly the same way on any online listing, meaning if you spell out the word “street” on your website, on Yelp your address should also spell out the word “street.”
  3. Quality Food Photography
    Customers spend more time on Yelp profiles with photos. As the business owner, you can add photos of your top dishes, your dining area, your storefront, or even your employees (with their permission, of course). Make sure to use good lighting and that the photos are in focus before uploading to your listing. If photography isn’t your strong suit, consider contracting this out to a professional. High-quality food photos can help you stand out from other restaurants.
  4. Responses to Reviews
    Finding the time to respond to all of your customer reviews can be a challenge with a restaurant to run, but it is important to potential customers viewing your Yelp profile. Thank positive reviewers for their comments and respond to negative reviews in a professional manner regardless of the complaint.Remember that other customers will be reading these reviews and your responses to get a sense of how your business is managed and how customers are cared for. Address the reviewer by name, acknowledge their experience, and aim to leave a positive impression for others who might read it later. Negative reviews should be responded to as soon as possible. If you do not have the time to get to them within a week, consider hiring an agency to handle it for you.
  5. Yelp Menu
    Potential customers looking for restaurants on Yelp like to see a full menu and pricing. Restaurant owners can now upload a digital copy of the menu to Eat24, Locu, or SinglePlatform to have their full menu available on Yelp.

Optimize your Yelp profile with these five tips to stand out from the competition and get new customers in the door. For more restaurant marketing advice, contact McDonald Wholesale, your local restaurant supply wholesaler in Portland, Oregon.


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