Why You Should Be Attending Food Industry Trade Shows

Nortwest Food Show Tillamook Booth

As an independently owned and operated wholesale food distributor, we understand the importance of attending food industry trade shows. Not only do they provide the opportunity to sample food vendors and learn about new restaurant technology and equipment, but they also allow you to come together with people facing the same challenges you are in the rapidly changing restaurant industry. In honor of the upcoming Northwest Food Show in Portland, Oregon, we wanted to highlight a few of the reasons you might want to attend a food industry trade show in 2021 and beyond.

Get Your Questions Answered

Whether you’re considering adopting an in-house online ordering system, starting a loyalty program, or wondering how to create a profitable restaurant patio, you’ll find experts available to answer your questions at the trade show. Just remember to come with your questions written down, so you can take advantage of the wealth of knowledge available at your fingertips.

Taste Food and Expand Your Menu

For many people, tasting the new food products is one of the best parts of attending a food industry trade show. Not only can you end up finding a new appetizer or pre-made dessert to help expand your menu, but you also get to meet potential food vendors and learn more about their business so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to work with them.

Get Inspired by New Restaurant Technology & Equipment

Choosing new restaurant technology and equipment can be stressful, especially when you have to contact multiple suppliers for demonstrations. At food industry and restaurant trade shows, you’ll be surrounded by suppliers who can demo their products and answer your questions, so you can find the product that works best for your business.

Learn from Experts in the Field

Food industry tradeshows offer an array of innovative seminars and presentations that can help your restaurant thrive. While you can certainly ask questions to vendors, suppliers, and other attendees, many food industry trade shows also feature opportunities to sign-up for free consultations with experts in the field.

Network & Promote Your Business

Many restaurant owners and other food industry workers are working long hours, including nights, weekends, and some holidays. Food industry trade shows give you the time and opportunity to expand your network. You never know, you may end up making a connection with someone who will later become a trusted consultant, the newest member of your executive team, or even an investor.

Considering attending a food industry trade show? Why not start with Northwest Food Show on August 1 & 2. Not only will they have 80 McDonald Wholesale vendor booths, but they’ll be offering case discounts on emerging products you’ll love. In the meantime, check out our foodservice blog, where we cover everything from helpful hiring tips to overcome labor shortages in the restaurant industry to our guide to non-dairy milk substitutes.

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