Hiring Tips to Overcome Labor Shortages in the Restaurant Industry

Hiring Tips to Overcome Labor Shortages in the Restaurant Industry

It’s been a rough year for restaurants, and labor shortages are creating a new challenge for businesses reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic. In today’s blog, the foodservice experts at McDonald Wholesale discuss some helpful hiring tips to overcome labor shortages in the restaurant industry.

Don’t Get Cutesy with the Job Description

While it can be tempting to show your creativity in the form of a job title, it’s best to stick with the most common terms when posting a job listing. That way, you won’t be missed by job searchers who are using broad terms like waiter, bartender, cook, etc. If you want to showcase your excitement and creativity, there’s space within the actual posting to give the potential interviewer a better sense of the role and your restaurant’s culture.

Include a Wage/Salary Range

Solving the labor shortage in restaurants is complicated, and some experts are advising pay bumps to help restaurants find and retain talent. That said, even if you’re keeping your wages stagnant, it’s important to include them in the job posting. Being upfront about compensation will get you more applicants in the long run, and it will save you from wasting your time interviewing someone with different pay expectations.

Create an Employee Referral Program

Offering your employees an incentive to refer people in their network will help you spread your net as wide as possible. To get started, decide what you can offer employees who bring in a qualified candidate and advertise this incentive to the team. Not only will it bring in more candidates, but some studies show that employee-referred hires are better performers and stay at the business longer.

Host a Hospitality Night

Want to get word out that you’re hiring? Try hosting a hospitality night at your restaurant. Advertise a discount for people in the hospitality business and be vocal about the fact that you’re hiring. That way, people in the industry can get a feel for your restaurant. Plus, even if they’re happy at their current jobs, people who have been working in the restaurant industry for a long time can pass along your information to anyone they know who’s looking for a position.

Whether you’re looking for restaurant marketing services or high-quality ingredients for your restaurant, McDonald Wholesale has you covered. Contact us today to become a customer for life. In the meantime, check out our foodservice blog where we cover everything from our guide to no-contact curbside takeout and delivery to how to reduce turnover in your restaurant.

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