Restaurant Management Ideas: How to Help Your Servers Get Better Tips

Waitress Taking Diner Orders

Across the country, restaurants are struggling due the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only do they have to adjust to constantly changing capacity restrictions and safety precautions, but restaurant servers are essentially working on the front lines, potentially exposing themselves to the virus. In addition to doing everything in their power to keep their servers safe, one of our favorite restaurant management ideas involves learning how to get better tips for your servers. Doing so could even help prevent costly employee turnover.

Provide the Right Server Training

Restaurant staff training is incredibly important for servers, but it’s not just about making them memorize the menu and teaching them where everything is in the kitchen. When it comes to the psychology of getting good tips, there are a few things you can train your servers to do that will not only reflect well on the restaurant but could help them get bigger tips.  

  • Introducing themselves by name to each table
  • Repeating the order back to the customer
  • Upselling customers on appetizers, desserts, or cocktails
  • Complimenting the customer’s particular order
  • Writing something personal on each receipt (i.e. “Enjoy the Sunshine” on a nice day or “Go Blazers” if a diner is wearing a Blazers hat)

Let Them Personalize Their Attire

Allowing your servers to wear some sort of distinctive item with their uniform can help their customers see them as individuals, rather than a person who simply serves them food. This could be a piece of jewelry, a hat with the name of their favorite sports team, a unique pin that showcases a cause or band they love, a fun tie, a flower in their hair, a scarf, or anything that can help showcase their personality.

Provide Them with Freebies to Give with the Check

According to the psychology of getting better tips, giving diners free mints or candies with the check can make them want to reciprocate in the form of a better tip. That’s why restaurant owners and managers should provide their servers with a generous helping of freebies to hand out. For the best results, have your servers ask if the table would like a second helping of these sweets when handing back their check and credit card. Want to support other local businesses? See if a local chocolatier or candy shop would be willing to offer discounted sweets for the free publicity.

Include Tipping Guidelines on Receipts and Payment Screens

Did you know that you can help improve your server’s tips simply by making it as easy as possible for diners to give a better tip? By showing the 15%, 20%, and 25% tip totals, you’ll subconsciously encourage diners to tip better. If your diners pay by tablet, make sure that the tip percentages skew higher and are easily clickable, as many people will just click what’s available rather than creating their own custom tip.

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