3 Important Reasons to Cross-Train Your Restaurant Staff

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Turnover is a major problem for restaurant managers. According the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual turnover rate in the restaurant industry is 73%. That’s a startling statistic especially when you think about how difficult it can be to fill those positions when staff quits. One of the ways restaurant managers are addressing this issue is to invest time in cross-training their staff.

Read on to learn why cross-training is important and how it can help you manage your restaurant effectively.


Top 3 Reasons to Cross-Train Your Staff


Have Backups In Case Someone Quits

You don’t want to be left hanging during the dinner rush, when the only person who knows how to work the milkshake machine quits. By training different members of the team how to do various tasks in your restaurant during less busy times, you can ensure that you’ll always have someone capable of covering if the primary staff quits or calls out sick.

Keep Staff Engaged And Invested

One of the main reasons turnover is so high in the restaurant industry is because employees believe there is no opportunity for advancement. By training your staff, you are showing them that you are willing to invest in their growth and that there is opportunity to advance in-house.

Build Empathy For Other Staff

Does your front of house staff know what it’s like to wash dishes or peel a 50- pound bag of potatoes? Do your line cooks know what it’s like to keep a full dining room of customers’ needs met? Probably not, but that doesn’t stop them from complaining when things go wrong. Training your line cooks how to wash dishes or your waitstaff how to help with prep in the kitchen not only helps everyone’s ability to pick up slack to better serve your customers, it also builds empathy among your staff which makes your restaurant run better.

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