Daily Lunch Special Ideas for Attracting Diners to Your Restaurant

lunch specials with burgers and fries

Even if you think of dinner as your restaurant’s bread and butter, focusing some attention on lunch service can make a big difference to your bottom line. These daily lunch special ideas and promotions can help you take your lunch business to the next level.

Lunch Punch Card

When it comes to lunch promotions for restaurants, you don’t always have to break the mold. Simply offering a lunch punch card can be a great way to incentivize diners to head to your restaurant for lunch. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative! While you can certainly start with a “10 visits equals $10 off” card, you can also try out something a little more unique. You might, for example, offer $10 off only after you get a lunch punch for every weekday.

Grab & Go Deals

Having a daily lunch special can really trigger diner’s FOMO, making them more likely to visit to take advantage of the fleeting offer. But you can take that idea even further with grab & go deals. Whether you change out the menu daily, weekly, or monthly, offering some to-go lunch specials caters to the retail, teaching, and eat-at-their-desk crowds who may not have a full hour to spare for lunch. Just make sure to choose items that you can make ahead. Then watch as your lunch profits soar.

Lunch in 45 Minutes or Less

Many office workers have only one hour for their lunch break. That means that by the time they’ve walked or driven to a nearby restaurant, they have limited time to eat their meal if they want to make it back in time for their 1pm conference call. Offering lunch deals that are guaranteed to be finished in 45-minutes or less is one of the best lunch promotions for anyone trying to take advantage of the office lunch crowd. Simply create a limited lunch menu that you know your kitchen staff can prepare quickly and train your serving staff accordingly.

Office Meal Deals

Daily lunch special ideas aren’t just great for getting people to come to your restaurant, they can also incentivize customers to order food to-go. Office meal deals are one of the best lunch promotions because they attract the office crowd when they’re stuck in meetings during lunchtime. To get started, come up with a few lunch menu options. If your restaurant serves sandwiches, for example, you can offer a certain amount of sandwiches, a variety of sides, and a dozen cookies to be shared at the office, all for a special price. The simplicity and variety are sure to entice diners in your area.

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