5 Hot (And Cold!) Restaurant Dessert Trends for 2019

2019 Restaurant Dessert Trends - Cereal Donut

Running a successful restaurant isn’t easy, and in order to stay relevant, it’s important to track and incorporate different food trends into your menu. While dessert isn’t the main event, having a solid dessert menu can contribute to the success and longevity of your restaurant. Before updating your menu, consider these exciting dessert trends for 2019.

Restaurant Dessert Trend # 1: Boozy Milkshakes

Who says you can’t mix alcohol with your dessert? One of our favorite dessert trends of 2019 is the increased popularity of boozy milkshakes. Made with ice cream, milk, hard liquor, and liqueurs, these boozy milkshakes add an adult spin to a classic dessert favorite. Some restaraunts and breweries in Portland are even making their own version of a classic root beer float using stouts instead of root beer. Regardless, we love the idea of combining dessert and cocktail hour.

Restaurant Dessert Trend # 2: Matcha Madness

Love green tea? One of the most innovative restaurant dessert menu ideas comes from adding matcha (powdered green tea leaves) to everything from ice cream to macarons. In addition to being delicious, matcha has an array of health benefits that make it an appealing option for the health-conscious dessert eater.

Restaurant Dessert Trend #3: Bright Colors

With the rise of Instagram and other social media, restaurants are judged for more than just the quality of their food. While the desserts must be delicious, many restaurants are making sure they’re photogenic as well. That’s one reason why we’ve seen more and more brightly colored desserts, perfect for photographing on Instagram.

Restaurant Dessert Trend #4: Floral Flavors

From hibiscus and orange blossom to lavender and rose, we’re seeing more and more restaurants utilizing floral flavors in their desserts. These fresh and light flavors add sophistication to your dessert menu, and you’d be surprised how many people are ready for a unique dessert experience. Plus, you can use the flowers to make your desserts even more photo-ready!

Restaurant Dessert # 5: Cereal Influence

Nostalgia sells, and many restaurants are taking advantage of our childhood nostalgia for sugary cereals. From Fruit Loop donuts and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cookies to Rice Krispie bars and Cocoa Puff brownies, more and more restaurants are combining old school cereal favorites with the delicious pastries of today. Get ready to help your customers relive their childhood with a decadent cereal-inspired treat.

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