Food Photography Tips for Social Media

All good chefs know that diners eat with their eyes first and serving up dishes that look delicious is as important as how the food tastes.

But did you know that how your food looks could affect your business even before customers enter your restaurant?

Ask any food blogger or Instagram foodie and they’ll tell you the same thing. Your potential customers are finding you on social media and visually appealing food photos are critical to their decision to try your restaurant.

The good news is that you don’t need fancy equipment to take great photos. Follow the food photography tips below to get started.

Use Good Lighting

Knowing how to use light is the most important component to taking beautiful pictures. For food photography lighting, natural is best. Turn off the flash and overhead lights and place your dish near a window. Indirect sunlight is best, so you may want to test out different windows or times of the day.

Try Different Angles

Different foods look better from different angles. Burgers and sandwiches shine when shot from the side, but sunny side up eggs look most appetizing when shot from above. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles; there’s no added cost when working in digital and you can choose the best one at the end of the day.

Garnish & Accessorize

Adding a sprig of bright green parsley can really make a dish pop on camera, but be careful not to overdo it. Same goes for accessories; use utensils and napkins to add depth and color to a photo. Make sure to use complementary colors or you may find the food gets lost in the mix.

With these food photography tips and a little practice, you’ll be taking social media worthy photos in no time. If social media isn’t already part of your restaurant marketing strategy, contact us today to learn how we can help. At McDonald Wholesale, we provide more than just fresh ingredients, we provide custom solutions for your business from marketing to menu development.

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