4 Ways Seasonal Menus Can Benefit Your Restaurant

Seasonal Menus & Produce

Looking for a way to grow your restaurant, increase profits, and inspire your staff? Seasonal menus might be just the ticket. Here are the four biggest ways seasonal menus can benefit your restaurant.

Lowering Costs

When food is in season, it tends to be less expensive because it costs less to grow and ship. Seasonally appropriate food is at the peak of its supply, so even with higher demand, there’s more produce to go around. By ordering more of an item during its natural harvest, you’re able to save money and serve better tasting food.

Building Strong Local Ties

When you buy produce in season, your restaurant has the opportunity to support local farmers in your area. Not only does this help stimulate your local economy, but it helps develop ties between the community and your restaurant. These community ties can be incredibly helpful in growing your business.

Providing Opportunities for Experimentation

It can be easy to fall into a rhythm, and while having a strong permanent menu is sure to build customer loyalty, offering new menu options can provide a burst of energy for your restaurant. Not only is your kitchen staff able to get creative and develop new skills, but many customers love the opportunity for new culinary experiences. In fact, if customers are particularly fond of a certain menu item, they might even visit your restaurant more frequently to take advantage of their favorite item before it disappears.

Increasing Profits

According to Restaurant Insider, seasonal menus see 26% more orders. Just think about how many pumpkin offerings you start seeing once autumn rolls around or how hard it is to beat a fresh summer salad with perfectly ripe strawberries. In addition to the fact that seasonal produce tastes better and is less expensive than out-of-season produce, many people have emotional associations with foods at different times of the year and having a seasonal menu can help you benefit from this nostalgia.


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