Increase Your Restaurant Profits with a Food and Wine Pairings Menu

Food & Wine Pairings Menu

Regardless of what type of food you sell, including a food and wine pairings menu can be a great way to upsell customers, create a memorable dining experience, and increase restaurant revenue.

While you could recommend a wine for every entrée on the menu, it might make more sense to start with a small plate menu. Not only does this allow you to try out new dishes before putting them on the regular menu, but it also prevents you from getting in over your head. You can even include your restaurant’s signature dish on the pairing menu, which can encourage people to try the meal and even upsell them on wine they may not have ordered.

Like a happy hour or late night menu, a wine pairing menu creates a fun, unique experience diners are sure to remember.

Wine & Food Pairing Ideas

If you have a wine expert at your restaurant, they can help create a wine and food pairing menu for your restaurant, but if you don’t, there’s enough information online to help you make smart pairing decisions. Here are some general pairing ideas you can have your staff try out.

Pair Pinot Noir with Earthy Flavors

Pinot Noir is a light-bodied red wine that serves as one of the most versatile wines for matching food. Whether you’re serving steak, duck, or salmon, a pinot noir can complement the earthy flavors of the meat, creating a delicious combination. If you’re working with a vegan menu, mushrooms taste delicious when paired with Pinot Noirs. Plus, utilizing mushrooms is one of the hottest food trends of 2019.

Pair Malbecs with Bold Flavors

A Malbec is a full-bodied red wine that pairs well with full-flavored foods. If you’re worried about your restaurant not being fancy enough for a wine and food pairing, consider this: Malbecs pair perfectly with barbecued meats. In addition to barbecue, you might try pairing Malbecs with lean meat dishes that feature pepper, sage, creamy mushroom sauces, and bleu cheese.

Pair Pinot Grigio with Light Fish

Pinot Grigio is a light, crisp white wine that goes perfectly with light fish dishes, including sushi, seafood pasta, and shrimp dishes. The acidity of the wine pairs great with subtly seasoned dishes, and the delicate grape flavor enhances the delicate flakiness of the fish.

Pair a Riesling with Asian Flavors

Whether you’re serving Chinese noodles or Indian dishes, slightly sweet Rieslings tend to pair well with spicy, Asian flavors. The dryness of the Riesling helps tame the spices in the dish without neutralizing them, creating a delightful pairing experience.

Pair a Dry Rosé with Cheesy Dishes

Rosés fall somewhere between red and white wine, combining the acidity of white wine with the robust character of a red. Whether you’re serving a grown-up grilled cheese sandwich or a rich, cheesy risotto, a dry Rosé will help cut through the richness of the cheese while also providing a refreshing finish.

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