The Cadillac of Mayonnaise, or How to Pick the Right Ingredient

Sandwiches. Salad dressings. Your great grandmother’s prized macaroni salad recipe. All of these delicious food choices require a central ingredient to make the dish come alive–Mayonnaise. Although it sounds simple enough to grab any mayo off the shelf to create your masterpiece, one key ingredient can become the difference between wow-ing your guests and… not wow-ing them.

When you come to us for your restaurant supplies and products and pick out your mayo, what do you generally gravitate towards? The same brand your parents used? The least expensive? While nostalgia and frugality are fine reasons for deciding on many condiments or food products, we bet you didn’t know there’s another factor worth considering: the ratio of egg to oil! The more egg a mayonnaise has, the more thick and creamy it becomes. Mayos that use less egg tend to replace the egg deficit with oil—which is perfectly fine, by the way—it just creates a runnier consistency.

Mayos that use more oil and less egg will also have a few more unexpected ingredients. Vinegar and lemon juice are very popular choices for these kinds of mayonnaises–they work well on sandwiches or other food items that don’t need mayo to be the star of the show. If you’re looking to create a more high-end item for your restaurant—like any cream sauce or dressing, chances are your best bet is a stiffer or thicker mayo due to the whole eggs + egg yolk combination.

At McDonald Wholesale, we stock around many different mayonnaises. This isn’t that uncommon, though. The best wholesale food distributor needs to have a steady stream of ingredients for every possible occasion! In addition to that, we know every mayo has different benefits—reduced fat mayo is excellent for people with dietary restrictions for example. If you’re an independent restauranteur, a multi-unit restaurant, a school or an institution in the Portland, OR metro area, trust your restaurant supplies and products to us: we have your best mayo interests at heart. Contact us today!

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