4 Pizza Trends to Try at Your Mom and Pop Pizza Shop

barbecue chicken pizza

When it comes to food, it’s hard to find something more popular than pizza. In fact, a Technomic study showed that 43% of consumers eat pizza at least once per week. If you own a mom and pop pizza shop, you may think your traditional pie is where it’s at but incorporating these pizza trends into your menu could help grow your business and satisfy a more diverse customer base.

Alternative Pizza Sauce

While traditional tomato-based pizza sauce will never go out of style, more and more pizzerias are testing out alternative pizza sauce ideas. Whether you decide to try pesto, alfredo, buffalo sauce, tapenade, peanut sauce, extra-virgin olive oil, ranch, or barbecue sauce, your customers will love the opportunity to branch out and try something new. Just make sure that your pizza toppings complement whatever pizza sauce you choose.

Detroit-Style Pizza

You might be asking yourself: what is Detroit-style pizza? But chances are you’ve started to see this pizza trend popping up around you. Detroit-style pizza is a rectangular pizza that has a thick, crisp crust that is often brushed with butter. This popular pizza crust tends to be more chewy than other pizza styles, and while it tends to have more traditional pizza toppings like pepperoni, cheese, and mushrooms, there’s definitely room to experiment.

Unique Pizza Toppings

One of the most popular and creative pizza trends involves unique pizza toppings. Whether you’re considering a festive taco pie, or a breakfast pizza topped with fried eggs, there’s so many potential ways to take advantage of this pizza trend. Sit down with your restaurant staff and discuss different pizza topping ideas and themes, then start testing. We’ve seen so many different unique pizza topping ideas—from mac and cheese to corned beef—so there’s no limit to how creative you can get. Plus, this focus on unique toppings can be a great way to showcase local, sustainably-sourced ingredients.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Another pizza trend that’s been taking off is cauliflower pizza crust. While this trend likely started because of food allergies and gluten-free diet trends, it’s taking off, even among people who don’t strictly avoid gluten when eating. This healthier pizza alternative is also thriving because of another broader restaurant trend: an increased desire for choice. Millennial diners want more options catered to them, which means everything from gluten-free pizza crust options to vegan burger alternatives.  At McDonald Wholesale, we’re independently-owned and committed to helping your pizzeria succeed. That’s why we work so hard to provide the highest-quality wholesale food products for your operation, as well as  menu analysis and restaurant marketing services to help your restaurant thrive. Check out our foodservice blog where we cover everything from overhead cost reduction strategies to how to grow your restaurant’s takeout business.

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