How to Improve Your Restaurant Profit Margin in the Midst of COVID

Restaurant Taking COVID Precautions

It’s no secret that restaurants are struggling during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean your restaurant is destined to fail. In fact, by getting creative and following restaurant trends, you can help improve your restaurant profit margin, even as COVID continues to spread.

Embrace Online Ordering & Food Delivery

In just eight months, COVID-19 has completely shaken the restaurant industry, and in doing so, one thing has become abundantly clear: online ordering and food delivery are key to a restaurant’s survival. While no-contact curbside takeout and delivery is essential while COVID-19 risks are high, many anticipate online ordering and food delivery continuing to be a staple of restaurant profit margins for years to come. If you haven’t already, you should be considering how your restaurant can make online ordering and food delivery a priority moving forward.

Offer Family Meal Deals

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the restaurant industry, restaurants are being forced to get creative in how they appeal to potential customers. One way restaurants are doing this is by offering family meal deals. Rather than taking individual orders for family members, family meal deals offer large, family-sized portions at a discounted price, making dinner as convenient as possible for overworked parents. 

Bring on the Daily Specials

Daily specials serve a few incredibly important roles in helping to improve your restaurant profit margin. Not only do they help decrease food waste by pushing ingredients that are going to expire soon, but they also allow your executive chefs to test out the success of potential menu items. Plus, they’re a great way to entice customers who are inundated with other options. Daily specials can help create a sense of urgency that encourages customers to order from your restaurant immediately. 

Start Selling Branded Merchandise & Packaged Goods

While the restaurant industry is struggling, there is a public push to help support local restaurants. While that support can come through eating at your restaurant during the pandemic, people are also looking for more creative ways to give their support. Make it easy for them by offering more than a food & beverage experience. Selling branded merchandise and packaged goods offers an additional revenue stream to improve your restaurant profit margin while also giving people a quick, easy, and convenient way to support your business. Plus, if they’re cooking more at home, they might have more incentive than ever to pick up your special branded sauce.

Prioritize Outdoor Dining

Because of the COVID risks associated with eating indoors, outdoor dining is on the rise, and while the weather continues to get colder and rainier, that doesn’t mean outdoor dining has to be over. To help improve your restaurant profit margin, we recommend trying out some winter restaurant patio ideas, including everything from stocking up on heaters to revamping your menu to include soups, hot cocktails, and other seasonal items that will help keep diners feeling warm and cozy.

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