6 Tips for a Healthy and Tasty Kid-friendly Menu for Your School District

For most children, most of the calories they consume are within school walls. Some kids rely on cafeteria food as their number one source of nutrition. McDonald Wholesale Co. takes the role of campus food offers seriously. As your food distributor, we’ve created a few simple steps you can take to elevate your kid-friendly meal:

  1. Integrate fruits and veggiesResearch suggests that the average American consumes half the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables each day. Look to our produce distribution to provide kids with lots of opportunities to eat their vegetables by offering fresh and fixed options alike.
  2. Ban junk food. There’s a time and a place for wholesale candy – but it doesn’t belong in the lunchroom. Offer healthy alternatives to junk foods, instead.
  3. Diversify dairy options. Expand the cartons of milk into something tastier. Our dairy distribution offerings encompass cheese, milk, yogurt, and more.
  4. Make fan favorites healthier. As your Mexican food distributors, Asian food distributors, and Italian food distributors, we appreciate how much kids gravitate towards different dishes. Consult with the McDonald Wholesale team and choose healthier ingredients – or healthier manufacturers – to get the same great taste without the nutritional drawbacks.
  5. Reinvent snacks. Replace cookies, candy, and ice cream with something that bears stronger nutritional value. As a leader among snack food distributors, we’ll deliver solutions that taste great and go easy on the body.
  6. Keep it natural. If your budget allows, provide kids to organic and natural options. This doesn’t just promote healthier eating – it opens up a window into a more healthful lifestyle.

McDonald Wholesale understands that every school district is unique. That’s why we offer a range of solutions – from frozen food distribution to fruit distribution – that makes your cafeteria stand out. Schools have the power to nourish a healthier future. McDonald Wholesale helps you be a part of that future. Contact us today!

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  1. Bob Lowe says:

    Thanks for the post. My wife is a health teacher at a middle school. She can totally relate to this post. She would love to see junk food removed form the school. There are many things that could be changed with school lunches that kids you like to eat. I like the idea of making fan favorites healthier. Although it goes without saying they still need to taste good to the kids.

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