Clean Eating: Is Seaweed The Next Kale?

Is seaweed the new millennial food trend? Trend predictors say yes.

While seaweed has been known as a superfood for the last few years, food trend experts say its popularity will really take off in late 2017, replacing kale as the clean eating item to have on your menu.

This superfood is loaded with vitamins and nutrients including calcium, magnesium, iodine, and vitamins A and C. It also boasts anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. And, because seaweed grows naturally in the oceans, it’s sustainable and essentially carbon neutral.

How can you incorporate seaweed on your menu?

This salty and savory plant is available in many varieties and can be used in countless recipes. See some of the most popular below:

If you’ve eaten sushi before, you’ve likely had Nori. It is a species of red algae that is shred and formed into paper-like sheets and then dried. It is most commonly used in sushi, but can also be used as a garnish for soups, rice, and noodle dishes.

Also a type of red seaweed, Dulse can be bought whole or as flakes. It is commonly uses as a seasoning in place of salt. It can also be purchased as a whole leaf and some say that it has similarities to bacon when fried.

Arame is dark-colored string-like seaweed. Often added to stir fry, sautéed vegetables, and salads. It adds a sweet and slightly salty flavor to dishes.

Most commonly associated with salads, Wakame seaweed turns bright green when rehydrated. It can also be used in noodle dishes, soups, or as a standalone vegetable.

If you feel like what’s hot in the food world is an impossible moving target, you’re not alone. With millennial foodies deciding what’s in, food trends are changing faster than ever. At McDonald Wholesale, we have access to market research data on purchasing and menu trends in the Portland area, so we are always on top of what’s emerging as a must-have menu item.

In addition to informing our customers about what food trends are coming, we also offer menu development services to help you incorporate these foods into your menu to get the most return. Contact us today to learn more about our menu analysis and development services and how our dedicated sales reps can help you capitalize on the latest food trends with our wholesale food offerings.

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