Are Family Meal Deals Right for your Restaurant?

Family Meal Deals for Takeout

If you want your restaurant to succeed during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re likely going to need to come up with creative ideas for no-contact curbside pickup and food delivery. In today’s blog, we discuss how your mom-and-pop restaurant can use family meal deals as a way to thrive during the shutdown and beyond.

What is a Family Meal Deal?

A family meal deal is a type of takeout or delivery deal that focuses on providing food for the whole family. Some restaurants, for example, might sell a large pan of lasagna, a loaf of garlic bread, and a large caeser salad as a family meal deal that can be picked up curbside or delivered to customers’ homes.

The Perks of Offering Family Meals To-Go

Why should your restaurant consider offering family meal deals? Here are some of biggest perks of offering family meals to-go.


One of the biggest perks of offering family meal bundles is the convenience it offers. Many parents are juggling their jobs, remote and hybrid schooling, and all of the other demands of modern life, which have only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. By offering family meal deals, you’re offering diners a quick, easy, and affordable option to feed their families in a way that mimics the benefits of a homemade meal.


With more and more Americans facing furloughs and unemployment, affordability is a bigger factor than ever when choosing dinner options. Family meal deals allow restaurants to provide greater value at a lower price.

Waste Reduction

As environmental concerns continue to grow, customers are paying more and more attention to waste reduction. Restaurants with family meals to-go can help reduce food waste and reduce the number of containers needed for curbside takeout and food delivery.

How to Do Family Meal Deals Right

Thinking about offering family meals to-go at your restaurant? Here’s how to do family meal deals the right way.

Offer Options

If you want people to try your family meal bundles, it’s best to offer options. This could include mix-and-match options for entrees, sides, and desserts, as well as offering customizable options within the bundles.

Think Big for your Entrees

Including one large entrée and several small side dishes is a great way to mimic a homecooked meal while still offering customization options to make everyone in the family happy. Consider entrée options that can be easily cooked in bulk, such a lasagna, meatloaf, or pizza.

Consider Bundled Entrees

While big, family-style entrees can be great for family meal deals, you might also consider serving larger quantities of items that can be easily bundled, like tacos or sandwiches.

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