5 Shortcuts to Help You Put the “Fast” in Fast-Casual

fast casual chef

Fast-casual diners demand high-quality food fast and with so much competition in the market segment, it’s critical to keep wait time to a minimum so that your customers keep coming back.

Use these shortcuts to cut down on kitchen time and get food out faster.

Buy peeled garlic.

Garlic is a fantastic way to add a pop of flavor to any dish but preparing it can be a real chore. Buy your wholesale garlic pre-peeled or minced in oil; you’ll have it on hand and ready when you need it.

Use frozen foods wisely.

Consistency is important in fast-casual dining. Your customers know your menu and want their favorite dish to taste the same every time. One of the ways you can ensure that quality control is to use frozen products. Speak to your frozen food distributors about your menu and what ingredients it might make sense to buy frozen.

Pre-portion dishes.

When a customer orders a burger, you don’t want your chef making patties from scratch. Pre-portioning components of popular menu items helps keep your dishes consistent and it helps your kitchen staff get food out faster.

Par-cook your proteins.

Par-cooking can be a major time-saver. Sous vide is a great way to prep meat so that your chefs can quickly brown the protein in a pan or on the grill when an order comes in. Be sure to read our guide on Oregon’s food safety rules for using sous vide cooking in a restaurant.

Save time with sauce bases.

Quality sauce bases can easily be modified to create unique and customized flavor profiles. Powdered sauce bases are quick and easy to whip up as needed and help save time in the kitchen.

We hope these tips will help you meet the needs of your fast-casual dining customers. If you have any questions about how to make these recommendations work for you, contact McDonald Wholesale, your local restaurant supply company.

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