5 Reasons Why a Wholesale Supplier Is Better Than Restaurant Depot

As part of one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing industries, businesses in the foodservice industry have a ton on their plate (pun intended). Menu development, supply orders, employee training, food-cost plans, marketing and promotional materials — the list goes on.

Whether you’re a local school with strict nutrition and cost requirements, or a multi-unit business owner with intricate restaurant supply demands and marketing needs, there are many great reasons to choose a wholesale supplier over Restaurant Depot.

Sure, Restaurant Depot can provide you with large quantities of products at a low cost. But when you require that and a WHOLE lot more, you partner with a comprehensive restaurant wholesale supplier. From custom solutions with a sense of urgency to empowered employees with unyielding customer focus, there are some things Restaurant Depot simply can’t provide.

With a restaurant wholesale supplier, you get a dedicated account representative committed to providing you with custom solutions that help improve systems, reduce cost, and increase business.

U.S. wholesalers are local and regional marketing experts with teams of professionals ready to help you develop creative marketing collateral to promote your products, brand, and any new offerings.

Menu Development & Analysis
Masters of local markets, restaurant wholesalers can help design menus and displays that are appealing, nutritious, and cost-effective. They can then explore all areas for streamlining, cost-savings, and quality control, and develop a detailed report that will help you maximize profitability.

Bundled Purchases
Unlike Restaurant Depot, a restaurant wholesale supplier enables you to bundle purchases for greater value. This includes helping you develop a purchasing plan that lowers food costs, while still encompassing all the products you need to successfully run your business.

Reporting & Auditing
With any business, data is key. Data can show you where you need to cut costs, boost sales, or even target new markets. A restaurant wholesale supplier can provide customized reporting and auditing services to help you effectively analyze all data and maximize efficiencies.

If you’re in need of a restaurant supply store that goes to work for you, call McDonald Wholesale. Our dedicated staff has years of experience helping our partners throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California develop flexible, tailored solutions that grow their business. And with more than 1,100 national brands and nearly 30,000 items in our inventory, McDonald Wholesale is guaranteed to have all the products to meet your unique restaurant supply needs.


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