Wholesale Foods for Multi-Unit Restaurants

Multi Unit Restaurant Supply in the Northwest

As your business grows, so do your restaurant supply needs. Successfully expanding from an independent restaurant to a multi-unit restaurant chain requires consistent branding, and strong relationships with local vendors. With over 90 years of experience as a wholesale food distributor in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California, McDonald Wholesale can help you provide quality food products, at great value, across all of your locations.

Restaurant Supply Services for Multi-Unit Restaurants

Running a food service business across multiple location is an art that sometimes require you to be in many places at once. Apart from staying on top of your vendor contracts and marketing campaigns, it is important to be aware of what is happening on your restaurant floors. That is why McDonald wholesale brings you a suite of restaurant supply services to help you effectively manage your multi-restaurant business:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Dedicated Service Representatives
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • Contract Sourcing & Compliance

We use cutting-edge tools to find relevant data about your restaurant’s performance, and distill it into customized reports that help you extract insight from the numbers. Rigorous auditing combined with planning support from our dedicated account representatives allow you to stay ahead of market trends and competitors.

Our restaurant supply experts are always on the lookout for the best vendor offerings at the greatest value. We have experience working closely with local vendors across Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California. What does that mean for your multi-unit restaurant? It means bundled pricing plans and strong vendor relationships that reduce costs and let you focus on keeping your customers satisfied.

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Contract Management

From purchasing to ensuring compliance, we work with our multi-unit restaurant partners to develop contracts customized to their multifaceted business. Our tailored contract management services provide you with seamless access to your facility’s activities.

Reporting and Auditing

In today’s age of rapidly growing access to information, data is power. As our multi-unit restaurant partner, you have access to our cutting-edge reporting technologies that provide the data you need to effectively manage your business. We deliver highly customized reports and audits that help you parse out the signal from the noise, and understand what is happening across all your restaurant locations.


Our multi-unit restaurant partners are assigned dedicated account representatives with expert knowledge of the food supply requirements of the locations they serve. Our account representatives administer contracts and seek ways to reduce costs and increase services.

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