Food Service for hotels in the Northwest

McDonald Wholesale knows you want to provide your hotel and motel guests with a comfortable stay, including quality food, useful amenities, and products that show how much you care about them. We offer excellent food service and hotel supply solutions in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California. We understand that hotel and motel managers hold themselves to high standards of quality and reliability to make their guests feel well taken care of, and McDonald Wholesale has the tools that make adhering to those standards easy and rewarding.

Whether it be for complimentary breakfast spreads or room service meals, you need access to the wide variety of products we stock, our exceptional partnership services, and our nearly 100 years of food service experience in delivering food and restaurant supply solutions to the Northwest. We not only specialize in top-of-the-line food service, but also provide comprehensive solutions to make all aspects of running a hotel or motel smoother.

Our Hotel Supply Services

Providing the comfort of familiar brands goes a long way when serving hotel and motel guests who want a home away from home experience. Not only do we stock over 1,100 national and local food brands that are recognized, USDA inspected, quality assured, and strictly monitored for food safety, we also help you manage all aspects of hospitality outside the kitchen. From the initial menu design and food cost planning to later stages of marketing and rebate tracking, we are committed to supporting your hotels and motels every step of the way. Our services include:

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Foodservice Supply

From refrigeration to furniture and food prep equipment, we know that having the right tool for a task is essential to a smooth-functioning kitchen and restaurant. McDonald Wholesale can offer you a wide array of food service equipment to choose from, ensuring that your guests are consistently pleased with your service.

Chemical and Janitorial Supply

Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of a comfortable and pleasant hotel or motel experience. We know you pay a high attention to detail in this department, and want to make your job easier by providing top-of-the-line products that get the job done.

Equipment and Smallwares

McDonald Wholesale has solutions for all your equipment and small item needs. From dishwashers to meat thermometers, we are ready to work with you to find the right items for your specific motel or hotel.

We will go the extra mile to provide you with a variety of additional food service distribution services as well, from menu analysis and rebate tracking to reporting and auditing.

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