Menu Analysis and Creative Development Solutions for Your Foodservice Operation

McDonald Wholesale is proud to provide menu analysis and development solutions for our customers. Our team has experience designing a variety of menus including general menus, children’s menus, and to-go menus. These services are designed to help your food service operation succeed through maximizing your menu’s profitability while offering appealing and nutritious options to your customers.

The menu analysis and development process starts with a thorough analysis of your food service operation’s menu. We compile usage reports on your menu’s current offerings and identify areas where cost-saving and quality control can be improved. The McDonald Wholesale team will also provide recommendations on replacing any slow-moving items with new, cutting-edge, or trending items to add to your menu.

Menu development focuses on every detail of your menu from images and fonts, to where items are placed on the menu. We use the latest menu design techniques and strategies to increase profitability and promote the quality, preparation skill and great taste of the items on your menu.

Menu analysis and development services from McDonald Wholesale are available to all qualified active accounts with a $1000 per week purchasing minimum. Cost is between $400 – $600 depending on the extent of services chosen. Please speak with your account representative for full pricing details.

If you are interested in menu analysis and development or any of our other services, contact us to become a customer today!