McDonald Wholesale Co. is committed to bringing our partners the best in everything that we do.  This is especially true in product safety.   We hold the products and brands we provide to a high standard, and relflect that in making sure we provide them to our customers at the highest level of safety.  We achieve this with a process that takes into account the entire process, from delivery to storage, and includes:

  • HACCP program that guides procedures to ensure a safe, quality inventory
  • AIB International audits that reinforce our commitment to secure product management
  • Rigorous inspection protocol that ensures you’re always getting the best products

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Quality Control

Safety isn’t negotiable. We’re committed to delivering products that meet stringent guidelines. As a result, our customers receive orders that are  tightly monitored and regulation-compliant. When you choose McDonald Wholesale, you’re getting products that are:

  • Compliant with the highest inspection and quality-control standards
  • Safe and ready for your customers

Inspection Protocol

We distribute products that meet our quality standards. As a part of the HACCP program, our team prioritizes the safety of your order. Our inspection process encompasses:

  • Incoming load inspections that assess trailer cleanliness and physical condition, infestation evidence, product temperature, product abuse, and non-compatibility.
  • Outgoing load inspections that assess trailer cleanliness and physical condition, infestation evidence, trailer pre-cooling, interior conditions, and the trailer’s structural integrity.
  • Recall processes that alert you of any inferior products

AIB International

We believe in delivering quality results safely and securely. Our annual audits through AIB International confirm this commitment. Every year, we consistently receive “Superior” scores, which reinforces our pledge to:

  • Deliver and store products safely, accurately and in compliance with health and safety codes
  • Provide a seamless, reliable purchasing experience


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