The Secret To Making A Secret Menu Work

Secret menu burger

Secret menus are all over Portland. Dutch Bros has one. Pip’s Original Donuts has one. Kenny and Zukes Delicatessen has one. And, here’s why you should have one: No news spreads faster than a secret.

People love sharing a good secret with their friends and everyone loves feeling like they are in-the-know on something exclusive. If you’re a restaurant owner looking for a way to generate excitement and get new customers in the door without spending a lot of money on marketing, a secret menu could be exactly what your restaurant needs. Read our tips on creating a secret menu that generates buzz for your business.

How To Create A Winning Secret Menu

Decide On Your Secret Menu Items

Create a twist on existing menu items or invent something entirely new. You may want to consider capitalizing on a new food trend or returning to a special that did well in the past. Whatever you choose, remember to have some fun with the names and descriptions of your secret menu items.

Involve Your Staff

Your staff will be the ones serving up these menu hacks and helping to spread the news, so it’s super important to have them on board. Loop them in from the start. They may even have ideas for the secret menu from dishes they’ve been cooking up for themselves in the kitchen.

Get The News Out

Once you’ve settled on your secret menu items and your staff is ready to go, you have to publish it. Add a new landing page to your website dedicated to the new secret menu. Let some of your favorite customers in on the secret and tell your staff to spread the word to their friends and family.

You’ll be shocked how quickly the news spreads and you have customers coming in for your new secret menu items.

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