How a Contactless Menu QR Code System Could Benefit Your Restaurant

Phone Using Contactless Menu QR Code System

It’s easy to dwell on the challenges that face the restaurant industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. But along with these challenges came plenty of innovations that have made life easier for restaurants and customers alike. The QR code restaurant menu is one of these restaurant tech innovations that blew up because of the pandemic but is likely to stick around long after the threat lingers. Here’s how a contactless menu QR code system could benefit your restaurant.

Faster Table Turnaround

A QR code restaurant menu is completely digital, so once a diner scans the code, they can see the full menu. Because diners are able to use their own cell phone to view the menu, your servers won’t need to find menus, sanitize them, and set them when turning a table. Plus, they don’t have to remove them from the table when taking orders or chase down extra bar menus for large parties. While these contactless menus are especially appealing right now while so many people are worried about getting sick, the convenience of a QR code restaurant menu suggests that they’ll stick around once the threat is over.

Reduced Costs

Printing menus can be expensive, especially once your account for the design and lamination. Using a contactless menu QR code system means that any seasonal menu changes, price updates, and daily specials can be added to the menu in real time, eliminating the need to print out all new menus. Plus, your servers will have more time to focus on the tasks that will keep your customers coming back again and again.

Real Time Changes to the Menu

One of the best features of a restaurant menu QR code is the ability to change the menu in real time. Not only does this make it easier to swap in seasonal menu items, but it can even prevent guest frustration if you run out of a regular menu item. Simply remove the item from the menu so guests don’t get their hopes up for an item that’s not available. Plus, you can clearly highlight daily specials and promote different menu items based on your inventory. For many restaurants, contactless menu QR codes are just the beginning. This technology can also be used for online ordering, restaurant loyalty program rewards, and even customer payment. Contact McDonald Wholesale today to learn more about our restaurant services, including wholesale foodservice delivery, restaurant technology, menu analysis and development, and restaurant marketing. In the meantime, check out our foodservice blog where we cover everything from SEO for restaurants to the best brewery events and promotion ideas.

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