The Best Appetizer Recipes to Try at Your Restaurant

While entrees tend to get the bulk of the attention, having a great appetizer menu can entice diners during happy hour and beyond. If your menu could use a revamp, it may be time to check out some of the best appetizer recipes from our beloved food vendors.  Hot Artichoke […]
winter soups at restaurant with garnish

5 Fun Winter Menu Ideas for Restaurants

If you don’t have a seasonal menu, you’re missing out on the opportunity to wow your guests, lower costs, experiment, and increase profits. In today’s blog, the foodservice experts at McDonald Wholesale discuss 5 fun winter menu ideas that can take your restaurant to the next level. Capitalize on Comfort […]
Fries, Pizza, Wings and Other Tailgate Foods

Tailgaters Specials: Why Your Restaurant Should Offer a Takeout Tailgaters Menu

With the NCAA and the NFL season underway, many people’s weekends are focused on football. As family meal deals grow in popularity, it might be time for your restaurant to considering offering a takeout tailgaters menu people won’t be able to resist. What is a Tailgaters Menu? Like family meal […]
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Restaurant Menu Ideas to Help Increase Your Average Order Size

Increasing your average order size can increase your profits. In today’s blog, the foodservice experts at McDonald Wholesale discuss what the average order size is and provide some restaurant menu ideas that can help increase your average order size. What is Average Order Size? Your restaurant’s average order size refers […]
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Daily Lunch Special Ideas for Attracting Diners to Your Restaurant

Even if you think of dinner as your restaurant’s bread and butter, focusing some attention on lunch service can make a big difference to your bottom line. These daily lunch special ideas and promotions can help you take your lunch business to the next level. Lunch Punch Card When it […]
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How to Promote New Menu Items on a Budget

New menu items can be exciting for chefs and customers alike. In today’s blog, we discuss how to promote new menu items on a budget. Step Up Your Social Media & Email Marketing Whether your restaurant already has a strong social media presence or you’re still figuring out how to […]
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Summer Menu Ideas for Restaurants

Long days, time off from work, and warm weather means more business at your restaurant. These summer menu ideas for restaurants can help you drum up new business and keep regular customers coming back for more. Construct Some Cold Sides Seasonal menus are great because they offer you a chance […]
Seasoned Shirt Steak

How to Fight Rising Food Prices with These Affordable Substitutions

Why is food getting more expensive? While disruptions to the supply chain due to coronavirus are partially to blame, rising food costs have been a problem for restaurant owners for years. Here’s how to fight rising food prices with clever, affordable substitutions. Substitute Cheaper Cuts of Meat With meat prices […]
Restaurant Menu with Blue Accents

How to Design a Menu: Proven Restaurant Menu Design Ideas

Whether they read it online or after being seated, your menu is often a guests’ first impression of your restaurant. As a restaurant owner or executive chef, you can’t sit down with every customer to make suggestions, but the design of your menu can do a lot of that work […]
Crab & Artichoke Dip on Bread

What are the Best Appetizers to Serve During Happy Hour?

For many people, happy hour calls to mind elaborate cocktails and discounted beer and wine options, but appetizers are an equally important part of the happy hour experience. As restaurants continue to reopen for dine-in, it’s the perfect time to rethink your happy hour food menu. In today’s blog, we […]