Waitress Taking Diner Orders

Restaurant Management Ideas: How to Help Your Servers Get Better Tips

Across the country, restaurants are struggling due the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only do they have to adjust to constantly changing capacity restrictions and safety precautions, but restaurant servers are essentially working on the front lines, potentially exposing themselves to the virus. In addition to doing everything in their power to […]
To-Go Cocktails for Restaurants During COVID-19

Staying Positive: 5 Fun Ways to Attract Diners During COVID

Almost one year into the pandemic, one thing is clear: pandemic fatigue is real. Rather than focusing on the challenges associated with coronavirus, we wanted to highlight some positive ways to attract diners to your restaurant during COVID-19. Contact Tracing Raffles If you live in a state with strict contact-tracing […]
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5 TV Food Shows & Docuseries to Help You Unwind

The pandemic has been a struggle for many industries, but the restaurant industry has been one of the hardest hit. Now that we’re approaching the one-year mark, we thought we’d focus on the positive and offer a list of TV food shows and docuseries that restaurant owners, restaurant workers, and […]
Woman Using Phone at Restaurant

The Best Restaurant Technology Ideas for 2021

Wondering how to take advantage of the hottest restaurant trends for 2021? McDonald Wholesale can help. Technology in the restaurant industry keeps evolving, especially as the coronavirus pandemic continues, and it’s important for all restaurant owners and executive chefs to stay on top of some of the technology trends we’re […]
Server Entering Restaurant Loyalty Program

Restaurant Marketing Ideas: Building a Loyalty Program that Works

One of the great truths of the restaurant industry is that it costs much more to acquire new customers than it does to retain current customers. That’s why one of our favorite restaurant marketing ideas is building a loyalty program that keeps your customers coming back for more! Here’s how […]
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How to Fight Rising Food Prices with These Affordable Substitutions

Why is food getting more expensive? While disruptions to the supply chain due to coronavirus are partially to blame, rising food costs have been a problem for restaurant owners for years. Here’s how to fight rising food prices with clever, affordable substitutions. Substitute Cheaper Cuts of Meat With meat prices […]
Family Meal Deals for Takeout

Are Family Meal Deals Right for your Restaurant?

If you want your restaurant to succeed during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re likely going to need to come up with creative ideas for no-contact curbside pickup and food delivery. In today’s blog, we discuss how your mom-and-pop restaurant can use family meal deals as a way to thrive during the […]
Restaurant Taking COVID Precautions

How to Improve Your Restaurant Profit Margin in the Midst of COVID

It’s no secret that restaurants are struggling during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean your restaurant is destined to fail. In fact, by getting creative and following restaurant trends, you can help improve your restaurant profit margin, even as COVID continues to spread. Embrace Online Ordering & Food Delivery In […]
Winter-Ready Restaurant Patio for Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining: The Best Restaurant Patio Ideas for Winter

Because of COVID-19 transmission risks, many consumers are embracing outdoor dining as a way to safely gather with friends, eat a delicious meal, and support their local restaurants during the pandemic. But as the weather gets colder, many restaurants are looking for new ways to facilitate outdoor dining. Here are […]
Restaurant Menu with Blue Accents

How to Design a Menu: Proven Restaurant Menu Design Ideas

Whether they read it online or after being seated, your menu is often a guests’ first impression of your restaurant. As a restaurant owner or executive chef, you can’t sit down with every customer to make suggestions, but the design of your menu can do a lot of that work […]