Developing an Italian Menu

A menu might seem like a pretty straightforward concept, but it can make or break a restaurant. There is a lot more to it than selecting menu items that are tasty. Below we’ll break down the five most important things to consider when strategizing a new menu. Who is your […]

The Cadillac of Mayonnaise, or How to Pick the Right Ingredient

Sandwiches. Salad dressings. Your great grandmother’s prized macaroni salad recipe. All of these delicious food choices require a central ingredient to make the dish come alive–Mayonnaise. Although it sounds simple enough to grab any mayo off the shelf to create your masterpiece, one key ingredient can become the difference between […]

A Taste of Italy – McDonald Wholesale Brings Flavor with Northwest Flair

Cheesy pizza. Rich, creamy pasta. Crusty bread. Italian food is a staple in American dining – it’s one of those food groups that is always a safe bet for your audience. Everyone loves spaghetti and meatballs, just as everyone delights in a big slice of pizza. As your Italian food […]

6 Tips for a Healthy and Tasty Kid-friendly Menu for Your School District

For most children, most of the calories they consume are within school walls. Some kids rely on cafeteria food as their number one source of nutrition. McDonald Wholesale Co. takes the role of campus food offers seriously. As your food distributor, we’ve created a few simple steps you can take […]