5 Reasons Why a Wholesale Supplier Is Better Than Restaurant Depot

As part of one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing industries, businesses in the foodservice industry have a ton on their plate (pun intended). Menu development, supply orders, employee training, food-cost plans, marketing and promotional materials — the list goes on. Whether you’re a local school with strict nutrition and […]

6 Simple Ways to Promote Your Restaurant

Your lights are on, your grill is fired up, and your staff is ready. Your restaurant is positioned in what you thought was the perfect location, yet day in and day out you find your tables standing empty as they beg for customers to put them to use. You’re not […]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year for Your Restaurant

Restaurants usually see an increase in profits during the holiday season as people celebrate during time off and enjoy the seasonal festivities and food. While the increase in business is definitely a positive, the holidays are also the most hectic time of the year. Seasonal inventory and holiday menu changes can throw off […]

How Analyzing 2016 Dessert Trends Can Make You Money

As National Dessert Month comes around this October, you might consider what sweets are on your menu and how you can follow the latest dessert trends of 2016. Customers will be looking for popular desserts after a good meal at your establishment, and staying on top of the latest trends […]

Switching It Up For Fall: How Pumpkin Spice Lattes Can Boost Sales

Either you’ve been waiting all year for pumpkin spice everything, or you’re deeply offended by the very notion. Whether you like it or not, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back again this fall and it’s sure to be as profitable as ever. As you come up with menu ideas throughout […]

Why Your Customers Aren’t Coming Back and How to Fix It

Getting customers in the door is one challenge. Getting them to come back is another. The truth is that repeat customers are vital to the success of your business. According to Restaurant Engine, a minimum of 1/3 of a restaurants revenue comes from repeat customers, and they cite a Harvard […]

8 Easy Ways to Maintain Food Safety in Your Restaurant

Food safety should be the number one priority for all restaurants. Food poisoning can severely hurt, and in some cases, kill individuals who’ve been affected by it. Beside the personal cost to individual customers, even one case of food poisoning reported in your restaurant can destroy your business over night. […]

The Best Inventory Management Tips for Restaurants

As one of the premier wholesale distributors in Portland we have worked closely with many successful restaurants. Portland, after all, is known for being a city of foodies, and we see that enthusiasm as a restaurant supply company with the volume of demand. Despite Portland’s love affair with food, the restaurant business can be fickle and […]

Improve Your Kitchen Efficiency and Reduce Food Waste

Unless you operate a high-end restaurant with a limited or specialized menu, chances are your kitchen could benefit from the addition of some pre-made or frozen components. Scratch ingredients have the advantage of freshness, but carry some notable drawbacks. Fresh, raw goods can be very time consuming to prepare, especially […]

Which Cuts of Beef Have the Most Profit Potential?

When it comes to protein options in Portland, Oregon, beef has been a longtime favorite. Yes, we have a weird bacon obsession, and sure, restaurants are often expected to have veggie burgers on the menu, but beef in all its varieties will always have its place as an essential menu […]