A Taste of Italy – McDonald Wholesale Brings Flavor with Northwest Flair

Cheesy pizza. Rich, creamy pasta. Crusty bread. Italian food is a staple in American dining – it’s one of those food groups that is always a safe bet for your audience. Everyone loves spaghetti and meatballs, just as everyone delights in a big slice of pizza.

As your Italian food distributor, McDonald Wholesale Co. understand what it takes to put a great meal on the table. We also appreciate that Italian should always be the cuisine of choice. It’s an easy win – diners of all ages love it, and even the pickiest palate can dig into an Italian dish with gusto. Italian food is a safe bet, but it’s also a delicious one.

McDonald Wholesale serves Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California with quality food distribution. Although our moist Pacific Northwest climate is a far cry from the rolling hills of Italy, we’re closer to this food mecca than one might think. Italian food dominates the dining scene, and we’re proud to offer our customers access to all of these classic meals that are a quintessential of Italy.

In an Oxfam survey, pollers were asked what their top types of food were. Number one? Pasta! Meat scored number 2, pizza number 4, and Italian number 9. McDonald Wholesale delivers delicious and healthful solutions that we know our customers want to consume. That’s how we harness the power of Italian food from our vendors to your door.

Whether you’re looking for a grain distributor to make your own bread, or whether you want to trust your Italian food distributor for ready-made solutions, you’re in good hands with McDonald Wholesale. We help you put dinner on the table that is healthful, delicious, and enduring.

Buon Appetito has never been more appropriate when you’re twirling pasta around a spoon. When you choose McDonald Distribution as your food distributor, you’re getting delicious options… Affordably and healthfully. Contact us today!

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