5 Fun Winter Menu Ideas for Restaurants

winter soups at restaurant with garnish

If you don’t have a seasonal menu, you’re missing out on the opportunity to wow your guests, lower costs, experiment, and increase profits. In today’s blog, the foodservice experts at McDonald Wholesale discuss 5 fun winter menu ideas that can take your restaurant to the next level.

Capitalize on Comfort Foods

As the weather gets colder, try capitalizing on people’s craving for comfort food with hearty winter recipes like country chicken and waffles, mac and cheese, lasagna, beef stroganoff, and other comfort classics. In addition to tasting great, nutritional psychiatry suggests that eating comfort foods produces happiness chemicals that will keep guets coming back for more.

Serve Up Some Soup

Nothing warms people up like a bowl of hearty soup. That’s why one of our favorite winter menu ideas involves serving up some great soup options for your customers. From clam chowder and chili to creamy tomato soup and ramen, your customers will love these delicious cold weather meals. Plus, soups are cost effective and easy to make in big batches.

Nourish with Nostalgia

The holidays tend to make people nostalgic, which is why taking advantage of these feelings of nostalgia is one of our favorite winter menu ideas. From mixed berry toaster pastries to these fun orange juice donuts that call to mind breakfasts from our childhoods, serving up some nostalgic desserts is a great way to draw in new customers.

Roast Some Winter Vegetables

When it comes to winter menu ideas, roasting winter vegetables is especially appealing because it allows you to utilize local produce in your area. Whether you go for maple-glazed carrots, sweet potato hash, or a medley of roasted winter vegetables, your guests will enjoy the fresh taste of in-season produce.

Warm Up with a Hot Drink

Especially around the holidays, people love to cozy up with a festive drink. That’s why no winter menu is complete without a hot beverage. While something like s’mores hot cocoa is an all-ages favorite, you might consider adding some hot cocktails to your menu as well. Whether you go with a peach hot toddy, mulled wine, or a spiked apple cider, your guests will love this opportunity to sit back, relax, and warm up with a hot drink.

Looking for more restaurant menu ideas? The foodservice experts at McDonald Wholesale have you covered. Not only are we an independently owned and operated foodservice distributor, but we also offer restaurant menu analysis and development services to our valued customers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California. In the meantime, check out our restaurant blog, where we cover everything from how to promote new menu items on a budget to the best restaurant patio ideas for winter

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